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Taking care of the renting out of your holiday home can be a nice hobby, but will also take a lot of work. Placing expensive ad's, answering inconvenient phone calls and replying to e-mails which usually don’t end in bookings. You have to maintain your website and make it easy to find on search engines. You have a lot of paperwork, bookkeeping and are not always sure of payment…

Thankfully this can all be different. Read more

Topic Travel is happy to make things easier for you!

Topic Travel is a professional tour operator that values quality and care. Founded in 1990, we specialize in the renting out of quality holiday homes in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Czech republic and Croatia. 
We deal directly with the client without the expensive intervention of travel agencies or other third parties. Naturally we are a member of ANVR and SGR. (The national association of travel agencies and the foundation of fund guarantees of the Netherlands.)

Renting your holiday home is our profession. We can get better results and what's more, we can do this also outside of the peak season!

Service and quality.

The internet is our main sales point. Therefore our website excels in search options and information.

With each home we give a detailed and honest description with several pictures. In this way the client knows exactly what to expect, and a satisfied client will keep the house in good condition.

No internet? Our clients can order our full-colour magazine for free and make their reservations by phone.

Following a reservation the client receives a confirmation by post, together with tourist and practical information on the surrounding area of the chosen holiday home, as well as an itinerary and detailed Michelin route maps. 

Professional marketing.

What you don’t see upfront are our marketing activities.

Thanks to our efforts, Topic Travel ends up in the top of well known search engines on the internet. We also have special recruiting promotions to expand our e-mail database with potential clients for direct marketing purposes. Pre-selected groups will receive our brochure for free.

Traditional media still play a part in our marketing strategy. Topic Travel places ad's in national newspapers and plays commercials on radio and TV.

Personal collaboration.

Another surprise might be our preparations.

All homes will be visited by your own contact person and a staff member of our reservations department every year. This is not only to inspect the homes and to get to know our product better but also to get to know you. We value our relationships with our owners. Every year we will discuss with our owners the questionnaires returned by the clients with their compliments and points for improvement.

The whole year through we will keep you informed on reservations. Before the client arrives you will already have received payment. To avoid disappointments with sudden cancellations we have an interesting arrangement.

In short the advantages of working with Topic Travel

  • No difficult correspondence with clients.
  • No more time-consuming bookkeeping.
  • No financial uncertainty with cancellations and non-payments.
  • No more advertising or website upkeep.
  • No more telephone calls and e-mails requesting the same period.
  • Topic Travel guarantees payment before the arrival of the clients.
  • Happy clients who will not cause problems, because they get what has been promised.
  • The most important of all, an excellent rental return.

What homes are we looking for?

The criteria we use to include a home in our programme vary by country and region. A home is not simply a number and we do not want to pre-judge. Evidently its quality is of importance. This for us means a nice interior and a quiet location. Your holiday home must be available for a minimum of 10 weeks per year. 

Are you interested in a partnership with Topic Travel?

Please fill out the form below and click "send". Please do not forget to add some photos and a brief description of your holiday home.
Do you want more information or do you have any questions? Please mail us at

Register your accommodation

We will get in contact with you a.s.a.p. to discuss a possible co-operation. A visit will take place during spring or autumn.

We use this email address only to contact you regarding your holiday home. Of course we will keep your email address private.
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Any comments and additional wishes

If you have placed a question or comment, we will get in contact with you by phone.